Best Web Hosting 2021

If you plan to start a website or blog for personal or business purpose, you’ll need the best web hosting for creating a web presence, marketing yourself and turning profits.

Why Best Hosting?

  • Feature Rich Hosting Environment
  • Easy-to-Use control Panel: Plesk & cPanel
  • Anti-DDos, Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam
  • Prompted Customer Support & Affordable Price

Most Popular Web Hosting

Inmotion Hosting Review

Award-winning web hosting companies worldwide, fast & reliable, perfect for businesses

  • 90 Days Money Back
  • Free SSD Storage
  • Free SSL & DDoS Protection
$2.95/mo 57% Off

Bluehost Review

Industry-leading web hosting, specialized in Linux, popular in bloggers and small businesses.

  • 30 Days Money Back
  • Free Domain Included
  • 1-click WordPress Installer
$2.95/mo 64% Off

Bisend Review

High performance web hosting, ready-to-code environment, the most developer friendly hosting.

  • Plesk Control Panel
  • Free SSD Storage, Free SSL
  • #1 Recomemnded WordPress Hosting
$2.95/mo 71% Off

iPage Review

Cheapest web hosting with 2 million customers. Well-known all-inclusive web hosting.

  • Free Website Building Tool
  • Sitelock Free Security Tool
  • $200 free Marketing Credit
$1.99/mo 75% Off

A2 Hosting Review

Fast & High quality web hosting, mainly target at bloggers & small businesses

  • 30 Days Money Back
  • Free SSD, Free SSL
  • WordPress Optimized Hosting
$3.92/mo 51% Off

Host4ASP.NET Review

Best ASP.NET hosting offering feature-rich Windows base web hosting to customers.

  • Plesk Control Panel
  • All-in-One ASP.NET Hosting
  • Free SSL, Free SSD Storage
$2.99/mo 40%

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Why We Recommend You Bisend Linux SSD Web Hosting?

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In the post below, we are to compare the two companies’ reseller hosting plans to figure out which is the better partner for customers to start their web hosting business.


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A2Hosting Windows LITE Web Hosting

Web Hosting Q&A

Choose Best Web Hosting for Your Websites

To choose the best web hosting service, you could start from above top 10 web hosting list. Check their features and find one fit your needs best, and then read the reviews in detail. And below are what our summary for each web host.

Inmotion Hosting is definitely the best hosting choice for most website owners. It uses the business-class infrastructure and make the price affordable to almost everyone. People could enjoy free SSD, cPane, fast server speed, prompted and friendly customer support at a low price from $2.95/mo only.

If an individuals who want to choose a reliable hosting service while save budget at the same time, iPage is definitely another great option. Compared to others, iPage only offer Linux shared web hosting. As iPage customers, they will receive great rich feature, high performance, friendly support. Most importantly, iPage hosting price starts from only $1.99/mo, with 30 days money back guarantee contained.

If you need a ASP.NET hosting, then Host4ASP.NET and Bisend are pretty much two best choice in the industry. High performance web server,free SSL certificate, plesk control panel, and more make them the leader in this nitch.

In terms of other Top 10 Web Hosting like Bisend, Bluehost and WebHostingHub, they are widely used by webmasters and bloggers for their useful features & tools, responsive backup supports, reliable uptime and the cheapest hosting prices. In addition to the most affordable price at only $2.95/mo, Bisend also offers customers free SSL certificate, which make it very competitive on price.

A2Hosting, and HostGator are two well-known hosting companies, and they can help people create any type of websites by offering them unlimited resources, free domain name, free CDN technology, 24/7 support services and etc. If people are environmentalists, GreenGeeks is their option, no doubt. GreenGeeks is the biggest green hosting provider in the North America, and it provides customers with 300% green hosting solution at very affordable prices.

LiquidWeb is industry leading managed web hosting service provider, they offer VPS Hosting and Dedicated server on both Linux and Windows Platform. Their price is relatively high, but considering its 100% uptime guarantee, heroic customer support and super fast hosting service, LiquidWeb is Performance for your business websites or eCommerce website.

Best Web Hosting for Beginners

What people face is an increasing number of web hosting providers throughout the world. Which one is the best? Which one should I depend on? Which one does offer high price value web hosting? These may be the frequent questions that Web hosting beginners ask and suffer a lot since the most of them are not so familiar with the web hosting industry.

In this post, we will help beginners via recommending the best web hosting for them. And after reviewing a wide range of web hosts, we decide to name biSend as the Best Web Hosting for Beginners, who is well-known among individuals and small-businesses worldwide with over 15 years experience in business.

biSend Web Hosting is Feature-rich

biSend All-in-one shared web hosting plans include tons of features to help their customers to bring their websites online, which allow people to host unlimited website on unlimited space and get unlimited email accounts.

In addition, people will receive 1 free domain and up to $250 marketing offers. Furthermore, biSend shared web hosting covers the latest development features, such as PHP 5, Perl 5, Python, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, CGI-Bin, CGI library, MySQL 5 and PostgreSQL. Besides, cPanel is easy to use and manage websites for beginners.

biSend Web Hosting Low Pricing

biSend low-price web hosting is also an attraction for beginners. Regular starting price $7.99/mo is discounted 50% off. So the present biSend web hosting just starts from $2.95/mo that is very low compared to other web hosting solutions. biSend coupon offers you more detailed information about this deal.

More than that, biSend has 30 days Money Back Guarantee. Customers can cancel their accounts and get the refund for the reminder hosting period easily. This is beneficial to beginners to try web hosting without any risk.

biSend Web Hosting Reliable and Fast Performance

World-class datacenters, advanced servers and professional technicians create reliable, fast and secure performance for customers. biSend utilizes datacenters with UPS power, diesel generator backup power, multiple network connections and other high end infrastructure.

On top of that, biSend servers are based on customized Apache and dual quad processor. Dedicated technicians take care of datacenters, servers as well as networks all the time. If any problem occurs, they can discover it and solve it at the shortest time. Therefore, reliability, speed and security get ensured at most.

biSend Supports for Web Hosting

In fact, beginners generally encounter many questions when build and manage their websites. Excellent technical supports are quite important for them. And biSend supports people for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. People can find prompt help via Email, phone and live chat.

Moreover, biSend supporting technicians work in web hosting field for many years and will fast know what help you need. Beyond that, there is an online help center, through which people will find out lots of useful information.

biSend is the Best Web Hosting for Beginners

biSend web hosting has all the qualities that beginners want for building their websites and creating online presence. They will just spend $2.5/mo to build a powerful websites, backed with award-winning technical supports. So we strongly recommend biSend web hosting for beginners.For more biSend details, please visit

5 Tips to Find a Reliable Web Hosting

It’s not unusual in web hosting world that a web site is down without any reason. How to find a reliable web hosting with affordable price out of the thousands of web hosting is not an easy task for a beginner. Below are 5 very useful tips to find an appropriate web hosting solution:

  • Only seek for web hosting service from those have been in the industry for more than 2 years. It’s very hard to verify the reliability of a web hosting service provider for very short period. 2 years will give them enough time to prove their customer service and web hosting technology.
  • Say NO to unlimited domain name and unlimited bandwidth. There is an open secret in this industry, especially for cheap web hosting, that if you use too many bandwidth then your connection speed will be restricted and slow down, so even you are given unlimited bandwidth, you won’t be able to use a lot of bandwidth actually. The same thing happened on unlimited domain name hosted in one account, if you use too many bandwidth, the connection speed to your web site will be significantly down.
  • Test their customer service by sending email. You should not forget this step. The response time of the host provider will tell you everything about their service. What you can do is to send an email to them for the clarification to see how soon you will be replied. And also, you can try their live support system by have a quick chat with them.
  • Purchase web hosting service from those provide trial days or monthly payments. If they can give you the service you want, you won’t save a dime from them. But trial days or monthly payment are really put your money in safe.
  • Refer to some web hosting review if possible, but don’t weight them too much. The only reason to say it is that not all the web hosting reviewers are really know or use the web hosting service before. They might just write the review for marketing purpose, which really don’t bring any value to you. Web Hosting Reviews from our site are given by some experts in the web hosting industry, you can refer to it if you want to see the review for your preferred service provider.

Different Types of Web Hosting

One of the most significant decisions you are required to make when choosing a web hosting solution is identifying what your needs are—with one eye on future growth of your website. Web hosting companies usually offer four main paid-for tiers of web hosting packages to cater to different requirements. Here’s a brief overview of the main choices:

Shared Hosting

Just as the name implies, a shared hosting means you share a single server resources with other hosting accounts and sites. By having multiple sites on the same server, a web hosting provider can provide the service at much more affordable rates. No wonder why shared hosting becomes by far the most economical option when it comes to web hosting.

However, most large businesses or enterprise-grade websites will attempt to avoid hosting on a shared web server as the hosting solution will come with some inherent weaknesses: slow speed and less reliability. As well, a shared hosting account will be not allowed to install certain scripts or do some changes that might affect other users.

VPS Hosting

Standing for “Virtual Private Server”, VPS hosting is essentially a server that mimics a dedicated server but within a shared hosting environment. Every VPS hosting account is enabled to have its own operating system, namely, you as a VPS hosting user can have any software and scripts installed without affecting other users.

Dedicated Hosting

With a dedicated hosting, you can have access to the entire web server for your own use, namely, guaranteed exclusively space and bandwidth, quicker loading times, as well as more control over the usage of the server you are able to benefit from. Correspondently, the price of a dedicated hosting would cost at much higher level as opposed to a shared hosting plan.

Cloud Hosting

As the latest form of web hosting, cloud hosting makes all of your website files be stored on the “cloud” comprised of multiple connected servers. One of the biggest advantages coming with cloud hosting is no downtime experience—because when one server is undergoing an emergency operation your files can be served up from one of the others.

Collocated Hosting

Purchasing a collocated hosting means you have full ownership of a server that is housed in a rental space along with the servers of many other companies and individuals. It also means that all the issues arise with the server are the responsibility of you.

Besides what we’ve mentioned above, there are also other types of web hosting available, like script specific hosting including WordPress hosting and Drupal hosting, control panel hosting as Plesk hosting and cPanel hosting, plus managed hosting and unmanaged hosting, etc.

Get Listed in our Top 10 Web Hosting

There are hundreds of thousands of web hosts out there. However there are only few of them could really provide its customers with high price value, high quality and professional web hosting service. “Top 10 Web Hosting” awards here are granted to those who outperform their competitors on price value, uptime, server performance, customer support, and ease-of-use.

To be our award winner, web hosts should meet below criteria:

First, they should have been in business for at least 2 years. We want to nominate the web hosts who could consistently deliver high quality hosting service to their customers. And 2 years is a good time frame for us to observe their performance.

Secondly, we review Price Value, Easy-of-Use, Customer Support, Reliability and Web Server Speed of each web hosts independently. Each areas will be assigned with a rating of 1 to 5. And the final rating is the combination of the data we collected from their customers and our professional review board. The service uptime and server speed data are collected using our internal system to ensure the objectivity. We also refer to some other web hosting reviews site such as Big Cheap hosting, and Create Web Site.

In detail, their hosting package offerings must address customers’ basic needs, and also contains valuable features and tools to help customers strength their websites. Important features like space, bandwidth, domain & email capability, hosting provider have to offer enough these resources.

For both web beginners and professionals, easy hosting & website management and high usability is another important consideration. All plans of Top 10 Web Hosting come with easy-to-use control panel, and most of them offer the most popular cPanel as free.

Finally, support service quality is also essential. All the hosting providers guarantees 24/7 support services. To figure our, we test all of them through multiple ways. Basically, the average response time overall is within 10 minutes. This is quite customer-friendly and helpful.

Once the votes are tabulated, our Review Board will double check the result and visit the web sites with the top-rated score to make the final decision. We do everything in our power to make sure only the really top web hosts are in the list. So, if you feel your product meet our quality criteria in above, please contact us and request for a review.

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