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Dedicated Server Guide

Dedicated server hosting is a high-level hosting type that allows people to rent, use and control the whole server and resources without sharing with others. It comes with higher usability, more powerful feature and better performance than shared and even VPS hosting. Since dedicated server is quite expensive, it is usually recommended to large companies and enterprises.

In addition to some companies purchase dedicated server for business use directly, majority of people choose shared hosting to involve into the hosting field. But if the server speed becomes unreliable, or people need full control, more room & resources for further development, people need to consider dedicated server hosting.

Advantages of Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated server hosting offers customers a large amount of flexible space, bandwidth, memory as well as processor power resources that can be configured or customized, and they are allowed to take complete control of the server.

Since these features and resources will not be shared, customers enable to maximum their site content without worrying about the increasing traffic slow down the site. On the other hand, it maintains a fast speed performance.

Meanwhile, dedicated server hosting ensures one of the highest levels of security environment. It not only gives unique IP address for better privacy, but also provides with reliable protection tool and features to prevent from attacks and malwares.

Disadvantages of Dedicated Server Hosting

It is not easy to manage and maintain a dedicated server, and the websites hosted on it unless people have or hire a professional support team with rich knowledge and skills of hosting and server, because people may confront with many complicated technical issues such as server mechanisms, IP routing, or even server crash, etc. when dealing with dedicated server hosting. If people choose dedicated server hosting, the server management and maintenance would be a big challenge.

High cost is another disadvantage of dedicated server hosting. Compared to shared hosting or VPS hosting charging less than $10 per month averagely, dedicated server hosting is much more expensive that charges over hundred dollars per month.

Generally, dedicated server hosting has its pros and cons. For customers, the most important thing is to consider their requirements, and choose the most suitable hosting product for creating websites.

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