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VPS.Net is a web host who focuses on offering Cloud Hosting solution for individual, developers, and small business. It has designed close to 200 different preconfigured templates, from JumpBox to CentOS to JoomLa, to help their customers get their site up easily. VPS.Net operates one of the largest cloud hosting systems in the world with over 13 data centers worldwide.

VPS.Net is a division of the UK2Group.

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VPS.NET (www.vps.net ) is a leading cloud hosting services provider based in England. The company is also a division of UK2Group.  Launched in 2009, VPS.NET has spread their hosting services to more than 180 different countries by now. VPS.NET is quite an innovative company in the hosting industry. They allow their clients to choose form 18 different data-centers for fast performance, not to mention high quality performance.

Why choose VPS.NET?

VPS.NET is an award winning, fast growing companies which continues to improve and below we have some highlights about the company:

Rich Features offered by VPS.NET

VPS.NET provides rich features for their hosting packages to meet the needs of the customers for WordPress cloud hosting.  Unlike many conventional VPS hosting, the cloud gives you the freedom to create a server when you need it, and with the resources you require. Below are some of VPS.NET highlighted cloud features:

  • High Availability through better Uptime
  • 18 Datacenters
  • Semi-Managed Services
  • On Demand Resource Deployment
  • Over 100 OS Images
  • Powerful API

Furthermore, VPS.net’s has also come up with "elastic VPS" hosting which enables users to scale up or down the server space when needed.

VPS.NET – Reliability And Speed

VPS.NET uses a world class datacenter that ensures a server uptime of 99.9%. with Multiple network carriers providing unsurpassed performance and reliability. Their data centers are very secure with On-site experts that provide assistance. Furthermore their datacenters are heavy guarded 24x7 with digital video surveillance and armed security.

VPS.NET Special Discount

VPS.NET doesn't offer shared hosting, but offers 3 wordpress cloud hosting for their entry level hosting.  The price for their wordpress hosting start from $20/mo.  Now, All new visitors can get a 50% discount by going through this Special VPS.NET Promotion Link and get the first three months which inlcudes free; HostBill license, SSL Codebase account, A virtual terminal and many more. Besides this, the company also provides 30 Day money back guarantee if their customers are not happy with their services.

VPS.NET Customer Support

VPS.NET users are able to get costumer support via email, phone and live chat 24/7/365. The company provides a FAQ and a company blog in which cutomers can gain more information and answeres to their questions.  Moreover, VPS.NET customer support team respond quickly and professionally.

Drawbacks of VPS.NET

Only Cloud based solutions

Provided that VPS.NET is based on a cloud infrastructure, users who are hoping to find standard shared hosting services may be disappointed. And the server sometimes struggles a bit in terms of stability. 

When to consider VPS.NET

VPS.NET offers an adequate service for both the individuals and small businesses based on what we have analyzed above, whether you have a startup company/or senior ecommerce site, VPS.NET is great choice for their flexibility and reasonable pricing especially for cloud solutions. Looking for more information about VPS.NET, please visit VPS.net.

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VPS.Net review from Daimon recommends VPS.Net Cloud Server
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I have been using VPS.NET for one year. And the overall experience is great especially when talking about its speed and reliability.

I started with 512MB memory, but after couple weeks of trying to optimize it for my site, I decided to follow the guide from VPS.NET to upgrade my server to 1GB. Since then everything went very well and the upgrade process was really quick and smooth.

VPS.NET customer support engineers were patient. But as I signed up with unmanaged service, in most case, they really didn’t help out much. Hope their managed service could be better.

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