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    1 reviews is a well-known web-hosting company founded in 1999. The two datacenters of InterServer owns located in Secaucus, N.J. The company’s hosting services cover virtual hosting, cloud VPS, quick servers, dedicated servers and colocation.

Over the last 17 years, InterServer has offered the best affordable web hosting solutions for customers in the global. They provide 24/7 services to make sure that their customers are fully supported. With a solid technology team, InterServer has won a lot of awards and positive customer reviews in the web hosting industry.

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Founded in 1999, InterServer has never changed its primary mission, to offer best affordable web hosting solutions for customers in the global. Under the leadership of two ambitious leaders, InterServer has grown into a leading industry contender in the US. In below, we will review InterServer from pricing, features, performance, support, etc.

Favorable Price

For different kinds of products, InterServer tags different prices.

On the list of recommended web hosting, the standard web hosting is the most popular product marked $5/mo, but you can only spend $144 for 3 years, actually $4 per month, on the basis of 20% off. For Windows web hosting, on condition that the other features are the same, you can only get 20 websites at a same price with standard web hosting. If you favor a managed WordPress, you can spend $8/mo, which could be similarly 15% or 20% off if you buy 2-year or 3-year cycle.

If you pursue a better performance and flexibility, you may take the VPS or dedicated servers into consideration. As for VPS & Cloud, Linux Cloud VPS is $6/mo while Windows VPS is $10/mo at least. Focusing on the quality and affordability, the price of dedicated servers starts just from $39/mo while you can configure your servers with larger memory space with extra fee.

Features Make InterServer Competitive

Being one of the most successful web hosting companies in the US, InterServer owns loads of stunning features and merits. The company offers its customers with 6 kinds of hosting, namely web hosting, reseller hosting, VPS & Cloud, quick servers, dedicated servers and colocation.

With unlimited storage and transfer, especially the unlimited domains and 406 scripts, the standard web hosting is mostly welcomed by customers especially beginners.  The WordPress hosting with only one hosted domain but daily virus scan and atomic mod security can offer more protection for users’ private credit information.

See some features of standard web hosting:

As for the reseller web hosting, the disk space of RS one to RS five grows from 80 GB to 240 GB, and the bandwidth ranges from 500GB to 2,000 GB with unlimited domains. People can purchase reseller web hosting of different sizes of space and bandwidth in terms of its own needs.

With instant provisioning, easy control panel and balanced accounts, the VPS is a good option for big business corporations.

See some features of VPS:

  • Instant start, stop and restart
  • Multiple OS options
  • DNS manager
  • Open VZ & KVM
  • Unique public IP address

Reliability and Uptime

With 17-year experience, InterServer applies the best and fastest broadband lines served by the first-class providers such as XO Communications and Cogent. It is worth mentioning that the standard of the interface of broadband lines in its datacenter is 10Gpbs. Besides, InterServer has built up its own servers and countrywide fiber network, and even has developed service of customizing Linux kernels.

InterServer has two data centers in Secaucus and its technicians operate the centers for ensuring a high level of performance. Both datacenters are of 8000 Sq Ft facility. TEB 1 contains fixed hanging pipes to release air while TEB 2 is located on the raised floor to radiate heat. TEB 1 is equipped with Pre-effect Dry Pipe Sprinkler System which ensures security of the datacenter. To further guarantee the security, ADT Security Badge entry and biometric entrance are respectively installed in TEB 1 and TEB 2. InterServer takes advantage of the third datacenter in Los Angeles too.

As a result, InterServer guarantees 99.9% network uptime and 100% power uptime.

Customer Support

As a pioneer and innovator in the technological area, InterServer provides piles of customer-friendly products on the basis of high quality and just price, gaining a lot of long-term cooperators and more than ten thousand customers across the world. Upholding the principal, the well-organized team of InterServer tries every means to serve their customers (vary from individuals freelancers to Top 500 companies) with whatever issues and problems. They provide 24/7 comprehensive online service via live chatting, and offline service of phoning and ticket supporting no matter it rains or shines. Their goal is to reduce customers’ worries and optimize their experience.     

Money Back Policy and Billing

As a user-friendly company privately owned for 17 years, InterServer is surely able to make a promise of 30-day money refund for its customers. Users are allowed to cancel at anytime when they are not satisfied with its service and all billing is deducted monthly. In addition, the price customers finally sign up for is the guarantee price of their account forever.


There are some bug reports that customers published online. Though various payments are supported by InterServer, some credit card payment failures are still exist. What being complained more is about the VPS. Some users reflected that they cannot log in the VPS once the ID address is changed unconsciously. In addition, cases of VPS shutting down often occur too.

When to consider InterServer

Overall, is a good web host who could meet your expectation on budget and features. It's highly recommended to host a personal blog or a small business website.

More details, please visit InterServer now. 

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In general, offer fine hosting service, I don't see any problem so far after closing to 1 year with them. Their price is good, and like their control panel, which makes my life really easy. Tutorials

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