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DigitalOcean is a fast growing cloud hosting provider. It sold the first droplet (cloud server) in 2011 and by February 2016, it has managed 10 million droplets for customers all over the world.

Its products are all about cloud servers, and the company is dedicated to simplifying cloud technology and offering more user-friendly solutions. It enables customers to choose droplets from diverse sizes and stop or create droplets anytime. It ties high performance up to its cloud servers with 99.99% uptime guarantee. It makes the droplet affordable from $5/mo only. 

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DigitalOcean is a cloud hosting provider established in 2011. It has grown fast. By this January, this company has launched 10 million droplets. Its customers are from all over the world, though it headquarters in America.  

DigitalOcean Sets Pricing from $0.007/hr

It seems that DigitalOcean cloud hosting is cheap.

This company charges by hours until customers hit the monthly cap. Specifically speaking, DigitalOcean estimates 672 hours in a month. If customers use its droplet (cloud hosting) less than 672 hours, it charges by the actual hours they use. The hourly pricing starts from $0.007 per hour. When customers use its droplet more than 672 hours in any month, then DigitalOcean charges by monthly pricing, which is lowest to $5/mo.

Since DigitalOcean allows customers to stop its droplet anytime, and pay hourly, there is no any refund available to customers.   

DigitalOcean Cloud Hosting Features

DigitalOcean provides 9 sizes of droplets (the company calls its cloud hosting as droplets). The smallest size, namely $0.007/hr droplet contains:

  • 512 MB memory;
  • 1 core;
  • 20 GB SSD disk space;
  • 1 TB monthly transfer.

When customers fulfill the payment, the droplet would be provisioned in 55 seconds. Better than that, customers can spend $0.952 experiencing DigitalOcean biggest droplet for an hour, which includes 64 GB memory, 20 cores, 640 GB SSD disk space and 9 TB transfer.

DigitalOcean features exclusive floating IPs and team accounts. The former denotes an IP address that redirect visitors from one droplet to another droplet in a same data center. It makes sense on high available server infrastructure. Besides, DigitalOcean supports customers to share resources in their droplets and meanwhile keep sensitive information in private.

Ease of Use

DigitalOcean designs a user-friendly control panel, via which customers can manage all functionality in a single dashboard. For example, they can start or resize a droplet via the control panel. They can install applications such as WordPress within simple clicks. They can take snapshots, manage DNS, share accounts with others, etc. via the control panel.

In addition, the company offers API, via which customers can administrate everything included in the control panel, but administrate by using HTTP requests.

DigitalOcean enables customers to take snapshots or backups of their droplets. However, customers have to pay for extra fees on backups. The pricing is 20% of the droplet. That being said, customers have to pay $1/mo if they backup a droplet at $5/mo.

99.99% Uptime

Based on multiple data centers, highly available network infrastructure, high-end servers and KVM technology, DigitalOcean cloud hosting has 99.99% uptime guarantee. Moreover, the guarantee applies to power, network and server.

DigitalOcean builds up its cloud infrastructure on the basis of data centers throughout the world so that its customers could pick up a server location close their visitors or users. The company also enables private networking in a same datacenter while each server has 1GB/sec performance. Customers get IPv6 and Floating IPs support too. They can enable IPv6 when they create their droplets. Or enable it on an existing server without rebooting the server.

DigitalOcean utilizes Hex Core servers, based on which it configures ECC RAM, solid state drives and RAID. For a high level of performance and security, DigitalOcean uses KVM virtualization technology to create cloud environment.

Customer Support

Currently, DigitalOcean supports customers via tickets only. For technical or sales questions, customers have to submit a ticket and wait for response.

But this company offers many online resources located in its community, help center and blog where customers will find out solutions to frequent asked questions, news, as well as tutorials.


Compared to other web hosts in this field, DigitalOcean offers fewer supporting methods to get contact with its technicians. Moreover, it is less effective to communicate via tickets.

The company charges when a droplet is powered off. To save costs, customers have to take a snapshot and stop the droplet when they do not need it. They can re-upload the snapshot into a new server when they need it again. Or else, they have to pay 24/7 hosting fees. The pricing policy is not beneficial to app developers.

When to Consider DigitalOcean

Based on above review, we highly think that DigitalOcean is suitable for testing an app or environment in an economical way. It is also a good option for customers with flexible projects.

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