Best ASP.NET Hosting

ASP.NET is a web application framework developed by Microsoft and a good ASP.NET hosting should offer a secured server environment with the latest Microsoft .NET framework and the other greatest components. Best ASP.NET Hosting below are named based on the real customer reviews, who outperform its competitors on features, uptime, speed, and customer support.

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How to Find Best ASP.NET Hosting

ASP.NET (Active Server pages) is a higher version of ASP and allows you to use full featured programming for building websites with HTML, CSS, JavaScript & server scripting. It’s also easy to configure and to use on a Shared or Dedicated Server hosting account, which is ideal for Individuals and SMBs.

Choose a suitable Domain for your site

It’s essential to select an appropriate domain for site because it will determine how successful you’ll be in the online world.

ASP.NET Hosting Needs

Ideally, whatever company you choose for your Windows hosting should support the newest .NET tech and all current versions.? For users that need; ASP.NET 4.0 hosting, Silverlight 4, MVC 3, IIS7Ajax 3.5, MS SQL 2008 will have to make sure your windows hosting provider indeed support them. What’s more is that you should check the different ways to make website deployment and to connect to your database server.? However, the best ASP.NET hosting companies i.e. Arvixe, Host4ASP.NET will support all the latest top notch innovative .NET technologies.

Hosting Datacenter

The hosting datacenter is important because you want your website to run fast and efficiently. The web hosting provider’s datacenters should provide the highest quality Internet connectivity, security and reliable power systems.

For example for services in the US, if a web hosting company has multiple datacenters then the user can chose which datacenter that they want use for faster speeds. Some of the best ASP.NET hosting providers i.e. actually utilizes own their datacenters and have them in various locations whether it’s locally or globally, so check before you purchase from your web hosts.

Disk Space

In web hosting parlance storage space is known as hard drive space. This is the space allocated to the website owner for website data storage. ?The hard drives can be single SAS, SATA or in RAID, so it’s important that you are clear on the space provisions offered by the ASP.NET provider. In fact, some web host offer a second hard drive for additional space if the need for it arises in the future.

Control Panel

Everyone likes an easy to use control panel and for ASP.NET we recommend going with web host that provide Plesk or WebSitePanel. Both are very common and you’ll save a lot of time managing your ASP.NET website from configuration, maintenance, installing scripts etc.

Customer Support

It’s very important to have a reliable customer support team to quickly respond and fix any issues that you may have with your ASP.NET site. These are essential and you want your customer support team to be professional and very responsive. Most top ASP.NET firms will provide around the clock support (24.7) by live chat, email and telephone.

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