Best ASP.NET Hosting

ASP.NET is a web application framework developed by Microsoft and a good ASP.NET hosting should offer a secured server environment with the latest Microsoft .NET framework and the other greatest components. Best ASP.NET Hosting below are named based on the real customer reviews, who outperform its competitors on features, uptime, speed, and customer support.

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Best ASP.NET Hosting Review

Best ASP.Net Hosting Awards below are granted to the web hosts who offer feature rich, reliable, affordable, and easy-to-use ASP.NET hosting solutions to help their customers run ASP.NET sites smoothly. All the web hosts we recommend in below are Microsoft Golden hosting partners, which you will ensure you receive high quality web hosting for ASP.NET.

There are really very few good ASP.NET hosting in the industry. Maintaining a reliable ASP.NET server needs more patience and skills than running a Linux server. After reviewing hundreds of web hosts in the industry, we finally name HostGator, Host4ASP and Winhost as Best ASP.NET Hosting service providers this year.

Why They are the Best ASP.NET Hosting

All of these 3 offer hosting with all the cutting edge Microsoft technologies like:

  • Windows 2008 web server with IIS7 or above
  • ASP.NET framework V1.0, V2.0, V3.5, and V4.0.
  • ASP.NET MVC 3.0
  • Microsoft SQL 2008
  • IIS ASP.NET security at Medium Trust Level or FULL Trust Level

#1 Best ASP.NET Hosting – Hostgator

HostGator is one of the Best Web Hosting in the industry and has been offering world class quality Windows and ASP .NET hosting services to individuals and families all around the world since 2002. HostGator ASP.NET hosting includes all the popular versions of Microsoft technology and allow for Full Trust on IIS ASP.NET Security, which brings a lot of convenience to ASP.NET developers. Besides, it’s also one of the first ASP.NET hosting service provider who include RAID-10 storage as free to their customers.

The service from HostGator is extremely affordable. Their regular price starts from $5.95/month, and with the latest Hostgator coupon ‘hostucan’, you could receive 35% off, which make it their price low to $3.87/month only.

HostGator is the most cost-effective ASP.NET hosting in the industry. Visit HostGator now. 

Best Cheap ASP.NET Hosting – Host4ASP.NET

Host4ASP.NET is one of the most leading and reputable web providers who specializing in quality ASP.NET hosting service. The company not only designed different packages for meeting customers’ different demands, but also offers them at very affordable prices.

Its ASP.NET hosting service is feature-rich. By choosing it, customers can receive up to unlimited disk space, bandwidth, websites, MSSQL2012, remote access to MSSQL DBs, classic ASP, ASP.NET 2/3.5SP1/4.5, ASP.NET MVC 3/4/5, WebSitePanel, SSD & RAID 5, multiple PHP versions & MySQL 5 as well as 99.9% uptime guarantee, etc.

The regular price of Host4ASP starts from $4.95/mo. But now, customers can get up to 40% off, and that makes the reliable ASP.NET service price at only $2.95/mo, which make it the best cheap hosting we would like to recommend. Meanwhile, Host4ASP guarantees 30-Day Money Back and 24/7 supports to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. Host4ASP.Net is rated as one of the best cheap ASP.NET by

Please visit host4ASP.NET to know more.

Professional ASP.NET Hosting – Winhost

Winhost is Microsoft Gold Partner, which means they are the first one to know the latest Microsoft technology and test Microsoft product before being released to the public. The engineers from Winhost fully understand the needs of Microsoft developer, when signing up their service, their customer could choose the version of platform to better support their application.

IIS ASP.NET security from Winhost is also at FULL Trust level.

The regular price of Winhost is at $5.95/month, however, people now get it at $3.95/mo for 2 years service term with the latest Winhost coupon. To know more about it, visit Winhost now.

ASP.NET Hosting Guide

best-asp-hosting-guideASP.NET is a web application framework developed by Microsoft to build interactive Web sites easily and productively. ASP.NET supports multiple .NET languages, such as VB.NET, C#, and JScript.NET and etc, which gives developers the flexibility in the choice of coding languages. It now is powering the web site like,, and more.

ASP.NET hosting should be able to offer enough features to smoothly run ASP.NET web sites. To find the Best ASP.NET hosting, besides some basic hosting features, you should also look at bellow items which are highly related to ASP.NET.

Windows Server Edition

We recommend Windows Server 2008, which comes with IIS7.0/7.5 to better support ASP.NET managed pipeline. Besides this, with IIS7.0 or above, you can rewrite URL without any performance lost (IIS6.0 doesn’t support URL Rewrite well, it’s not just un-friendly, but also causing performance issue).

ASP.NET framework

Each ASP.NET website has to run in corresponding .NET framework. It would be great that the web server is installed with the latest ASP.NET frameworks including 4.0/3.5 SP1 and the version required by your ASP.NET application, by which you can avoid compatible issues and still have the possibility to upgrade to the higher version.

ASP.NET Trust Level

ASP.NET trust level in IIS will directly determine whether an ASP.Net website could run successfully in a web server. The ideal level is FULL Trust, with which you won’t have any problems unless your application accesses the system information. High Trust Level and Medium Trust Level still work well in most cases. But try to avoid an ASP.NET hosting at Low Trust or Minimal Trust as they restrict the websites seriously and your application even could not call the service out of process, such as database, network, etc.


If you build your application by leveraging ASP.NET MVC, then you should check whether it’s supported by your web servers. ASP.NET MVC 3 is integrated in .NET framework 4.0, but for v1 and v2, they are required for the installation manually. As ASP.NET MVC is widely used in developer community now, we tend to recommend hosting with this feature included.


Even ASP.NET works well with MySQL or other non-microsoft database, we still suggest to use database from Microsoft. SQL Server 2008 is preferred, but MS SQL Server 2008 Express edition is still a good option for a site which is not very busy.

Disk Space

When choosing an ASP.NET hosting product, one of the main features people should consider is the required disk space. Companies always provide customers with a variety packages, and their prices usually depend on the amount of disk space available.

For instance, the Basic Package from ASP.NET hosting provider Winhost has 3GB disk space and the price charges at $3.95/mo. The price of its Max Package is $7.95/mo, and it comes with unlimited disk space.

ASP.NET Features

Of course, not only for disk space, keep asking what types of database the application requires, whether the host offers complete ASP.NET features or components like Window 2008/2012, IIS 7.0/8.0, SQL 2012/MS SQL 2008, ASP.NET MVC, isolated application pool, full trust allowed and etc.

Customers need to consider at all their required features because they might have specific needs. As the result, they enable to find the most suitable ASP.NET solution for hosting their websites. You will find a list of feature-rich ASP.NET hosting from

Control Panel for Management and Deployment

If the web host only provides with a web interface, people might confront with the difficulty in using standard tools and scripts when installing, maintaining and updating. This time, they need an easy control panel for regular management and deployment.

With it, people are allowed to make management of their domains, files, databases, IIS setting, web traffic log and permission.

Web Mail

Another feature that should be considered is webmail, which allows for the use of email address. Normally, the larger the ASP.NET hosting package is, the more mail addresses are allowed to use. Customers have to choose with the future in mind, and think about the requirement as their websites keep growing.

Security – Spam Filter and Virus Scanning

A good ASP.NET hosting solution will have both spam filter and virus scanning. They help prevent the loss of important emails that might end up in spam folder, and make sure any attachments and downloads from the email are free from viruses.

Besides, they can also ensure that users do not send the viruses to other accounts. This is quite important to have confidential information secured.

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